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We provide a distinctive platform to measure long range of variables of ideas, projects, investments and advertorials by asking to the most accurate and true collocutors.


Adgager which started out the notion “If you do not measure the accuracy of an idea, you cannot revise it.” is a huge project for measurement and interpretation of all kinds of advertising ideas and projects by the most accurate and real interlocutors on mobile and online platforms at a requested period of time.


You incorrectly criticize and position any ideas or media if you do not evaluate it well for your brand and associates. At this point, Adgager is the best solution for you. Drafts of about all kinds of ideas, projects, investments are being transmitted to the requested target market, and provides the most accurate results about marketing plans. Adgager supplies its users a brand new, entertaining, profitable platform; thus GAGERS spend hight-quality time, make money and gain a large variety of gifts from Adgager’s chest.


Under the leadership of Umut Vural – He has been working with many global brands and he is well-known with his success on communication studies in the sector for a long time – with support of his expert team in several fields, Adgager develops a different point of view and it is the first and the last formation for clients and users in the digital world. Adgager team which has a powerful infrastructure in the fields of brand and technology has a strong feeling of excitement because it is ready for providing a new and special experience for B2B clients and users. In order to increase your brand’s up-to-dateness and visibility, all the members of Adgager team focus on producing and developing by using a new generation of marketing trend through an extraordinary, high-spirited and powered platform.

  • August 2016

    New Office!

    Team is growing!

  • May 2016

    The initial investment!

    Company value 500.000 USD

  • April 2016

    Adgager Online!

    Adgager MVP publication!

  • Feb 2016

    İTÜ Çekirdek

    Adgager is among the best.

  • October 2015

    The first Business Plan

    It was the basis of the Adgager.

  • December 2015
  • August 2015


    Influence the ideas, change the world

Umut Vural
Ceo & Founder
Besim Vatan
Eren Yağmuroğlu
Ayşe Topçu
B2B / Investor / B2B
Güney Sevindik
User Manager
Salih Eren