Adgager: Future Of Marketing Research

A marketing research can be done easily and quickly anytime wished and the results can be followed transparently.

Adgager is a brand new concept and a strong alternative to traditional market research approach which is mostly time consuming, non-cost effective , difficult to implement and manipulative.

 Adgager provides an easy, quick, cost effective and transparent marketing research. Adgager is a next generation research service which allow consumers to generate contents and ideas for brands. Buying habits, new concepts/products and brands’ strength can be tested on Adgager’s innovative platform. Research process is supported by metaphorical evaluations and qualitative methods to let brands make online and targeted market research transparently, easily and quickly. In the broadest sense, the aim of market reseach done on  Adgager  is to determine the consumer trends.

The areas which a brand can work with Adgager can be summarized in 5 topics.
1. Product/Service Creation
Before launching a product or a service, brands can validate their ideas through Adgager. Target groups' needs and wants can be determined on Adgager by testing the new service/product's design, usage, ergonomy, features and the expectations in general. Except of the details foreseen by the brands, open ended questions can be asked to trigger the collective creation process.

2. Product/Service Communications
Brands can find the best communication materials with the ideas of Gagers. Not only advertisements but also other online and offline communication materials such as visuals, catalogues, introductory films, slogans etc. can be evaluated by Gagers.

3. Product/Service Developments
Brands can investigate on their brand awareness, loyality and preferences of consumers. In addition to this, product preferences, product-brand relationships, additional product category ideas can be asked.

4. Innovation
Gagers engage the creative creation process of ideas to reveal the inspiration. Gagers bring the brand's activities in compliance with the latest trends with their marginal ideas to support the creative creation process. For example Gagers can give their product development suggestions or create innovative marketing campaign ideas.

5. Mood Analysis
Brands can also investigate the moods of consumers to get an insight about how society feels, desires and needs. Brands who evaluate society's needs, wants, happiness leves etc. can find the best way to reach their target group and determine the areas that should be focused on.

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