Adgager: Future Of Marketing Research

A marketing research can be done easily and quickly anytime wished and the results can be followed transparently.

Adgager is a young platform that has succeeded in bringing the new era of research to the online channel with new generation online research that can answer any question you are curious about.

It brings a brand new approach to market research processes that are completed in a long time, causing high costs, requiring difficult operations, weak control, and receiving the data directly from the source, the consumer.

Is Adgager; It lays the foundations for the future of marketing research by allowing you to follow the researches it has done easily and quickly in a desired period.

With new generation researches; While allowing its users to produce content and give ideas to brands; It allows brands to touch their consumers quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively.

In addition to research such as purchasing habits, testing new concepts, or measuring brand strength, product tests support the process with metaphorical evaluations and qualitative methods, and conducts all consumer research online, targeted, transparent, and very quickly.

The purpose of market research in Adgager is to determine the general consumer trends in the broadest sense.

The areas where a brand can work with Adgager can be summarized under 5 headings.

Online Quantitative Research

Online Qualitative Research

Online Neuromarketing Research

Online Ethnographic Research

Online Secret Customer Research

ADSHORTER (Short and fast)

Responding to urgent needs, Adshorter provides quick feedback; answers are received to a small number of questions in a short time.

ADSHORTER (Short and fast)

Online research is not just about researching a limited number of questions. Concept research, attitudes, and usage habits, such as advertisement pre and post-tests, product tests, is the source of producing strategies on behalf of the brand by transforming the data in detail.

AD2FACER (Online Face to Face)

It is the research technique in which questions are answered online without physically coming together in cases where questions should be directed to the participants through a specialist. According to face-to-face research, it eliminates the cost of the research specialist reaching the participant and leads to faster results.

ADFOCUSER (Online Focus Group)

Aiming to reveal the emotions from the movements of the facial muscles, the newest product of Neuromarketing studies that shed new light on the research world, Adfacer carries a special innovation for Adgager: It is the first time that Neuromarketing is brought to mobile. For the first time in the research world, the participants present their images to the system's analysis by recording their facial images from their own mobile devices without coming to private studios.

ADFACER (Online Neuromarketing)

Moving focus group discussions to online platforms prevents people from long distances from gathering in one session and avoiding time/cost when participants come to a studio. In online focus groups, most tests that can be done in face to face focus discussions can be done.

ADSHOPPER (Secret customer)

Thousands Gager, Turkey to collect information on various sectors in the region, ready to make such an observation army. In diverse customer work, this diversity allows to touch the target audience of the brand from every segment, and to realize the experience with brands/venues in a short time. The power of Gager makes Adshopper fast and qualified.

COMGAGER (Community)

By choosing the ones suitable for the target audience from among the large community of Gagers, small groups that consistently serve brands form ComGager. Gagers can be created by choosing among them, as well as allowing existing customers of brands to be included in the system.

ADSENDPIC (Online Semi-Etnographic)

The power of online research is to immediately connect with hundreds of participants and get quick feedback. Feedbacks can be written comments as well as photographs with visual evidence. Adsenpic, inspired by ethnographic research, is a new generation semi-ethnographic research by photographing a wide range of data such as user behavior, products used, and interpretation of these photographs by experts.

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