With our representative Gager pool in Turkey, we provide a unique platform for brands to measure the long-term variables of ideas, projects, concepts, products, services, investments, and advertisements by targeting the right audience with the questions we direct.

AdTeams provides instant, quick, action-oriented, qualified mobile insights with the community created with your brand’s target audience. Within the app, your users can discover new things, ask questions, initiate discussions, vote, and find common ground. Engaging in genuine conversations to understand what your target audience feels, their needs, and how to reach them can propel your brand further.

This special community creates a strong sense of belonging through the intimacy and trust it fosters, enabling differentiation and feeding creativity through group dynamics. As a genuine, honest, living social network integrated into daily life, it receives tested feedback both within the community and among friends.

Reach the right people at the right time with the next-generation market research platform, Adgager. Enjoy a transparent and swift research process. Find answers to all your brand’s questions with a qualified user base.

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